Habitat for Humanity, Parry Sound




Parry Sound Adopt-A-Home Project, a chapter of Habitat for Humanity Muskoka, came about due to the determination of a local builder and a dedicated steering committee and has been active since 2010. Once the merge had taken place, the Adopt-A-Home project was converted into a full chapter for Parry Sound District. Their first home was completed in 2013. In 2014 a large home was donated, the home was extensively renovated and in late 2015 a local family was able to move in to their new home. 

The Parry Sound Chapter plans and manages Habitat OGN build projects in their area, including raising funds, hosting events, organizing volunteers, selecting and maintaining contact with the partner families and working with the community. 

The Parry Sound Chapter is now looking for suitable land in Parry Sound to once again help a local hard-working family realize the benefits of homeownership. And, as always, the Parry Sound Chapter invites active community members to volunteer with the organization and make an impact championing the affordable housing movement in Parry Sound. 

To bring affordable homeownership to your community, please consider making a donation that will bring a family into partnership and help break the cycle of poverty. 


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