Downtown Parry Sound Business Association

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52 Seguin Sreet  - Map It
Mailing Address
52 Seguin Sreet
Parry Sound, ON
P2A 1B4
P:  705-746-6426



Our VISION is that Downtown Parry Sound is: to be a commercially prosperous downtown that is bustling, vibrant, clean, and secure, that showcases local talent, and is an environment that is welcoming to locals, cottagers, and visitors alike, providing them with a friendly atmosphere to which they are drawn to live, work, shop, and enjoy a variety of leisure time options.

Through our work with downtown businesses we are able to support them in a number of avenues, including (but not limited to): Promotion of businesses to the public; events geared toward bringing people downtown to enjoy concerts, sales, information sessions, music, art, and holiday events; Social Media support; and advertising support.


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