Rising Sun Holistic Healing

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3 Hammel Avenue  - Map It
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3 Hammel Avenue
Parry Sound, ON
P2A 2W9
P:  705-342-9573
E:  debdupuis@hotmail.com
W:  http://www.thesacredbeingwithin.com/


At The Universe Within, we focus on encouraging and nurturing the connection between body, mind, emotions and spirit through bodywork, energy work, nutrition and education. We believe in the importance of taking responsibility for your own health and well being.  In this very busy world we live in, stress takes a tremendous toll on our whole being and by learning to decrease and manage stress in our daily lives through holistic and energetic health care and other organic practices, enjoyment in our lives is increased and disease and illness are decreased.  

Services available:

  • Reiki
  • Reflexology
  • Energy Healing Releasing Techinique
  • Workshops


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