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P:  705-999-1436
E:  northern@iprotecu.com
W:  http://www.iprotecu.com/


We are a Premium Protection Surveillance company that provides complete Peace Of Mind for your home or business. We focus on two geographical locations, namely Muskoka / Parry Sound and The Greater Toronto Area.

We offer advanced technological solutions in Video Surveillance to monitor your assets, Our cameras are state-of-the art with a decentralized storage approach. While most surveillance installations are centralized meaning that the images are setting in a central location on an single recording device, Our system has moved all functions to the edge allowing for a decentralized solution with no single point of failure. With resolutions up to 6.2 megapixel, excellent sensors and lenses they also provide some of the highest video quality you will find. Lots of functions you usually have difficulty integrating such as telephone communication temperature sensors, GPS, Smoke, Water Leak and Co2. Are built in. We can even monitor and report on these parameters. You really have to think of Iprotecu as a complete solution. Calling us just a camera solution is a disservice. Our Cameras work on either Zero or Minimal Bandwidth and can easily be installed in remote locations.


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