2KM North America

Engineering expertise, long standing experience and personalised approach make 2KM North America your perfect partner

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24 Joseph Street  - Map It
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24 Joseph Street
Parry Sound, ON
P2A 2G2
P:  705-746-1162
E:  2kmna.info@2kmna.com
W:  http://www.2kmna.com/


2KM develops and manufactures systems for the application of single and multi-component liquids of all viscosities found in the modern production environment. As an internationally renowned company, 2KM North America is in the position to fulfill all application requirements to all national manufacturing and safety standards. Precision components, robust reliability and user-friendly controls are said to ensure the equipment meets the application and customer requirement. 2KM manufactures a range of systems for the metering, mixing and application of single and multi-component reactive polymer processing systems.


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